Relaxing Weekend Ideas - with or without feeding your brain, as well


With summer almost over you may find yourself wondering how to squeeze out some last bits of summer fun.  There are many things that you can do. These ideas can range from planning a solo staycation to gently feeding your mind.  If you're not sure where to start, read on for a few ideas.

Plan a solo staycation

If you are planning a solo staycation, you can use this as a chance to recharge your batteries.  Your choice: get out of the house, or just kick back at home and reconnect with yourself. You can plan a staycation around classic attractions like the theater or the local museum.  With some planning, you may find free activities or free admissions during the weekdays.  A lot of communities have farmers' markets.  Get down there, browse what’s in season and pick up some delicious food.

There are also outdoor activities such as hiking or cycling. If you want to explore more of your hometown, consider a staycation with a day trip.  Recently I visited a state park in my local area.  It was fantastic.  I got the benefit of fresh air, saw folks leisurely horseback-riding, got to people-watch, and enjoyed not paying attention to how much time had passed by.

Unwind at the salon with a mani-pedi

Another weekend idea is getting a mani-pedi. A mani-pedi is a great way to relax and pamper yourself. Sometimes you can score a deal by bundling different treatments or making an appointment mid-week or during slower times of the day. Depending on your budget and what you want to get done you can go for the simple gratification of getting your nails beautified or you can splurge and spend an entire day getting the works.  Did someone say I deserve a body scrub, massage, facial and nail package today?

Vision board daydreaming – past successes and future plans

Before or after a nice siesta can be the perfect time to assess personal progress.  Take the time to mentally pat yourself on the back for past successes.  What did you achieve that you are most proud of?  Have you kept the momentum going?  Don’t stop there.  Your future awaits.  What are doing to proactively prepare?  What is your next step for future plans?  And if you are not currently happy, what can you do to change that?  One effective idea is to utilize a vision board to capture the essence of your dreams and create a path to achieve them.

Create a spa experience in your own home

Whether you want to spend a few hours pampering yourself or spend the entire day rejuvenating your feet, creating a spa experience at home is a great way to spend the weekend. Find a vessel to catch some warm water, grab your luxurious smelling lotion, cue up a mellow playlist and get your spa experience on.  Carefully start by opening your facial pores with steam or a warm and moist towel (be careful, I said).  If you have a tube of exfoliating scrub, two thumbs up.  Or maybe a gentle brush is at your disposal.  Almost every grocery store and big box store has these conveniently inexpensive pre-moistened face masks.  You don't have to pay high prices.  Gift yourself the time to indulge in some pampering in the comfort of your own home.

Immerse yourself in nature

More people are taking wellness trips, and this trend is growing. In 2019, 830 million people traveled to experience nature, including hiking, tree-hugging, bird-watching, swimming, and snorkeling. If you stay local you can commune with nature without the stress of a longer trip.  Fishing is loved by millions.  You can indulge at a recommended lake location, or fish off of a local pier.  For the more adventurous consider taking your poles onto a rented boat.  Nature affords us so many possibilities whether you want to hike up a mountain and snap a selfie with the most gorgeous view behind you or just want to throw on a pair of shorts and wade into the water up to your ankles and quietly gaze at the water shimmering on the shoreline.

Listen to a guru's advice

You've been hearing about a guru's advice to relax and improve your life. But what if you just cannot bring yourself to pick up a book or read a bunch of chapters on your Kindle?  Your ears are here to give your peepers a break. Listening to a guru's advice can be both enlightening and relaxing. YouTube and are filled with guru videos - Eckhart Tolle, Julia Cameron, and Deepak Chopra are among the many available.  Or explore the many great podcasts out there.  Pick a topic and there is likely a podcast out there on the subject.  I recently found some interesting ones on Stitcher, but if Apple Music, Amazon, or Pandora is more to your liking, go for it.

Cooking or free nutrition class

I see these promoted all the time at my local food market.  Got an hour or two free?  Why not spend time with a local chef and learn quick ways to spice up your go-to weekly chicken dish for you and your family?  Alternatively, sometimes you can pick up nutrition tips from an expert.  Maybe learn about the benefits of an herb or tincture you’ve been curious about.  Best of all, you may even strike up a conversation with those around you and make a new friend.

Support local artists

Many artists are featured at free exhibits.  For example, a jewelry designer may have a table or booth just a few minutes from your doorstep. There may also be local announcements of art installations or one-of-a-kind handmade craft displays. Along with getting some exercise walking from booth to booth you may discover something new to purchase.

Join so many of us that are figuring out ways to close out the end of summer with a relaxing weekend.  Whether you fancy a staycation, browsing your favorite boutique, listening to the natural melodies of crickets, or want to start or update your vision board (great tools found here) we encourage you…do something wonderful to recharge yourself.  Whether you prefer a solo relaxing weekend or the company of loved ones it is all about creating memories you can reflect on for years to come.


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