You’ve been thinking about a vision board party for years now…
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Plan and launch your virtual vision board party in just 14 days

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Hey there, inspirational leader

I’ve spent years hosting in-person and virtual personal development, leadership development, and career planning workshops for myriad groups of all sizes. I know what keeps your audience engaged, excited, and driven to make the big life changes they are hungry to make.

When you’re getting ready to create your first vision board workshop experience, there are a few *really, really* important things to know.

If you’ve struggled to get your vision for your vision board workshop out into the world, it might be because you’ve got just a few basic questions that need answering. Questions like, “How do you choose activities for your workshop?” “What if guests don’t have access to magazines?” “What do I talk about at my vision board workshop?”

I’ve got the answers you need, plus real-life designs you can swipe and use for your upcoming event.

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Make Creating Your First Vision Board Workshop Easy And Fun

Valued at $89

Here's What You Get Inside The Starter Kit

Done-for-You Vision Board Party Launch Plan

Create your entire vision board party launch plan in less than an hour! This simple checklist will take you from idea to vision board party in 14 days or less.

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Done-for-You Vision Board Party Activities

Have you ever wondered how to choose the right activities for your vision board party? Use any (or all) of these three activities at your event!

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Customizable Invitation Designs

Invite your friends and family (or new clients) in style with three different 100% customizable vision board invitation designs. Perfect to send over in email or social media.

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Vision Board Inspiration Word Printables

No need for magazines when you have vision board inspiration words to provide for your guests. Perfect for in person or virtual vision board parties.

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Done-For-You Vision Board Workshop Video

Sometimes the hardest part about vision board workshops is knowing what to say. That’s why you’ll have access to one of my most popular vision board workshop talks to use at your party or use for inspiration.

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Want this invaluable resource by your side as you create your first vision board workshop experience?

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The Vision Board Party Starter Kit

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Everyone really enjoyed it! Thank you for sharing your creativity!
— LaSandra Teixeira

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