What Is A Vision Board Party? (And Why You Must Attend One)

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At the end of every year, people jump into a frenzy deciding what they want to accomplish in the next new set of 365 days. This is a great time to reflect on what you've already done so far, and look forward to what you will accomplish and become next. 

Since you're thinking about your goals and New Year's resolutions anyway, you may want to consider attending a Vision Board Party or hosting one of your own to help you flesh out your ideas in a more creative (and social) way. 

What is a vision board party? 

A vision board party is a goal-setting event where you create a visualization of your goals.

Usually people will bring their own poster boards and magazines and then they'll spend an hour or two flipping through the magazines to find images and quotes that embody the future that you desire for yourself. 

Then you'll create a board with images all of your goals and dreams that will inspire you throughout the year. 


What different types of vision board parties are there? 

Your Besties and Family

A vision board party doesn't have to be very large, you can have one with just your close friends and family.  No need to get fancy, just get a small group together to talk and create.



You don't have to supply everything that people need. You can make it a potluck and have everyone bring their own dish or a bottle of wine. Encourage people to bring their own poster boards and some magazines. 

I really enjoy hosting Vision Board potlucks because you don't have to supply everything which lowers your cost significantly.

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A Community Event

Your Vision Board party also doesn't have to be limited to just close friends and family, it really depends on your preference. You can host a party for members of your community. Groups who will typically have a Vision Board party are: 

  • Women’s empowerment groups

  • Women's ministries

  • Goal setting accountability groups

  • Entrepreneurship and leadership community groups

  • Nonprofits serving the community

  • Culture Clubs

The use for a Vision Board is unlimited so feel free to introduce this idea within your favorite local meetup.


An Activity within an event

You could also create a larger event and have Vision Boards as one of the activities.  These types of events may be something like leadership seminars, bible study groups, entrepreneurship groups, or inspirational retreats.


What's the real benefit of hosting a vision board party?

I know it all sounds fine and dandy (and possibly fun), but what's in it for you besides a potential meal and wine? 


Time to focus on your goals

Throughout the year many things come up at times that get in the way of focusing on your goals: 

  • Demanding careers

  • Family and friends

  • Relationship/Marriage

  • Personal emotions (because depression, loneliness or plain ol' exhaustion can get the best of any of us)

A Vision Board party can help you set aside time to focus on your goals without distraction.


sharing your ideas with other people 

This is my favorite result you'll gain from any Vision Board Party.

When you're focused on your goals at an event with other like-minded people, you will notice that you start to have conversations on how to develop your goals faster. You'll get unique opportunities for networking with others in your industry. You could meet a new mentor that could guide you towards your goals faster. You may learn different ways to tackle your goal that you didn't know about before.


mentally prepare yourself for a productive year 

Because Vision Board parties are typically hosted at the end of the year in December or at the beginning of a New Year in January, it is a great way to prepare yourself for what you're going to do in the upcoming year.

 You will leave with unlimited inspiration and feeling energized to focus on your goals and to continue to build upon them as the year progresses. You’ll make some new friends and build a new community of cheerleaders to celebrate your wins with you as you grow.

Cheers to dreams coming true!


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