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... and I am so glad that you visited Thrive Lounge today.

As a brief introduction: I’ve spent years hosting in-person and virtual personal development, leadership development, and career planning workshops for groups of all sizes. And I continue to channel my talent through…vision board workshops!!! My forte is to keep the audience engaged, excited, and driven to make the big life changes they are hungry to make.


Human Resources professional || Vision Board WORKSHOP facilitator || Learning and Development guru

Experienced workshop facilitator for various topics including vision board creation, leadership development, career planning, life planning, diversity, inclusion, health equity, training approaches, etc.  I have seen the faces of 1,000’s of attendees. Certifications: Society of Human Resources Management-Senior Certified Professional, DDI leadership training, Common Language of Leadership through CLI


Data and Analytics

Achieving Goals

Adorable Animals

Genuine Joy


Looking back (for just a minute), I could dwell on life’s challenges.  I’ve had some doozies.  But what really motivated me to push myself and aspire to be the head of Thrive Lounge can be summed up in 3 words…


Now Focusing Ahead! - Life can be unpredictable.  But I’m still seeing the glass as half full!  Blessed with the love and support of my family and friends I look forward to all of the future adventures that life will bring.  Determined to be successful in whatever I choose to do.  That’s me.  And I welcome you to join me on life’s interesting journey.

Join the rest of the community for workshops. And peruse the blog. The hope is that you will find one or many things that speak to you.

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