I tried 3 vision board kits: what's inside and which is the best


When creating your first vision board (or hosting a vision board workshop) many people wonder what materials they need to create their vision board. I get asked the question “What materials should I use for my vision board workshop?” so often that I created an entire blog post for it AND a materials page on my website.

Then I discovered vision board kits.

A vision board kit is a product that contains everything you need to create a vision board. Using a kit makes the vision board creation process faster and easier because you won’t have to purchase different magazines, scissors, glue and poster board to create your vision board. Typically, you’ll only have to purchase one product: the kit itself.

I ordered several different vision board kits to try them out myself to see which one was the best. In the end, I discovered that you really do get what you pay for when it comes to vision board kits.

In this article, I’ll share the pros, cons and contents of each of the different vision board kits I tried.

I rated the vision board kits based on the following metrics:

Organization: When you open the vision board kit, is it easy to figure out how to use the contents?

Instructional Guide Included: Many people do not know how to create an effective vision board and purchase the kit with the hopes that they’ll be able to create their first one. A good vision board kit will not assume people know how to create a kit and include a tutorial on how to create a vision board.

Goal-setting Activities Included: A great vision board kit will also have activities to help the user discover their goals and intentions before diving into vision board creation.

Diversity: There are people of all different shapes and sizes, ethnicities, genders and ages in the world and they’re often looking for vision board images that reflect themselves.

Aesthetic Variation: There’s a wide range of colors and people will be drawn to different colors, images and fonts. Variation in these will ensure there’s something for everyone to be inspired by as they look through the images available in the kit.

Completeness: Do you have to purchase anything else to complete this kit? Imagine purchasing something called a vision board kit… and then not being able to complete your vision board with it.

Magnificent 101 Visualization Kit

The Magnificent 101 vision board kit is ideal for someone who already knows how to do a vision board, has most of the materials to create one and is only looking for some additional images and quotes to supplement their creation process.

This kit is a collection of thick 4x6 inch cards with images, quotes and manifestation tools. You’ll still have to purchase all of the materials required to display your vision board. For 19.99, I would’ve expected a lot more.

I didn’t like that all of the quotes were on the same brick-colored background with the same gold font. The cardstock used to create the cards is very thick and will be difficult to pin through for cork board users. The cards are also very large so you’ll only be able to use a few cards before running out of space unless you have a giant poster board or cork board.

There is also a gift item inside - a red ribbon with plastic charm that says “Believe” on it. There’s also a little yellow plastic gem that I never figured out the use for.

In the grand scheme of visualization kits to use for your vision boards, I don’t recommend purchasing this one.

A Quick Summary of the manifestation 101 Vision Board Kit

Price: $19.99

What’s included:

  • 4x6 cards with images, quotes and manifestation tools

  • Red ribbon and Silver Charm that says “Believe”

  • Yellow Plastic Gem

Organization: The collection of cards come in a plastic wrapping inside the box.

Instructional Guide Included: No

Goal Setting Activities Included: No

Diversity: The images represent goals for all of the life areas, but there’s not a ton with people in the images.

Aesthetic Variation: All of the quotes have the same brick red background, gold font and the same font.

Completeness: This kit doesn’t include anything you’d need to hold the images in place once you select them. You would need to purchase a board or journal to use as your canvas and pins or glue to attach the images to your board.

Bold Tuesday Vision Board Kit for Women

This was by far my favorite quote. As I opened this kit, I kept thinking to myself “Wow! They really did think of everything!”

I loved that the designers removed the need to find scissors and glue to complete your vision board because they’ve designed a folded vision board display and the images and quotes cards included fit perfectly into the slots. Once you set your goals and choose the images and quotes you’d like to use, you simply put the image into the slots - there’s nothing else to complete your vision.

The kit comes with a thorough goal-setting guide that walks you through a few activities set your goals before creating your vision board. This prompts you to create 18 goals.

As a fan of only setting a few goals that truly matter, I was taken aback by how many goals they were asking you to set. However, by the end of the process, I realized that there are 18 slots in their display! So even the goal-setting workbook was created with intention.

A Quick Summary of the bold tuesday Vision Board Kit

Price: $44.95

What’s included:

  • 100 vision board cards with images on one side and motivational quotes on the other side

  • Goal planning guide

  • Folded Vision Board

Organization: The vision board cards come in a white box and the vision board fits neatly into a slot inside the box when you open it.

Instructional Guide Included: Yes.

Goal Setting Activities Included: Yes.

Diversity: This kit distinguishes itself from the rest by specifically catering to women, so by design there are no men represented in these photos, unless the man is with a woman.

Aesthetic Variation: This kit features earth-toned colors that match with the soft pale pink of the folded vision board display. There’s earthy pink, beige, and light and dark brown colored backgrounds for the quotes and words. The words do come in several different fonts. The images do share the same earthy tones so no matter what picture you choose they’ll fit in with the quotes.

I even added images to a board at random and ended up with a really beautiful vision board.

Finally, if you find that you have a goal and you can’t find an image to match that goal, you can use one of the blank cards that they’ve included!

Completeness: There is a folded vision board display inside the kit specially designed so you do not need a poster board or cork board, scissors or glue.

Of all the vision board kits I tried, this one was the easiest to understand because it was well organized and intuitive. I was able to complete a vision board in a few minutes after opening it.

Love Everyday Vision Board Kit

At first glance, the Love Everyday Vision Board Kit is filled with a lot of disconnected arts and crafts pieces. But the deeper I looked, I discovered that every item was intentionally chosen to make creating your vision board a customizable experience.

You’re given everything you need to create a traditional vision board, including the board itself and - all in convenient packaging.

I found there were three possible ways to use this vision board kit:

  1. One large vision board. In the images on Amazon, the intent of this kit was to put the four boards on your wall together to create one, large vision board for yourself.

  2. Four smaller vision boards for different areas of your life. You can create one career vision board, one relationship vision board with your significant other, one personal vision board and one fitness vision board. By focusing each board on a different area of your life, you can put each board in a different location. For example, you can keep your career vision board at work and your relationship vision board in your bedroom.

  3. A vision board party. If you give each of the smaller vision boards to different people you can each create a vision board!

My favorite thing about this vision board kit was the letter to yourself on the back of the workbook. It’s a beautifully written letter of motivation and inspiration to go for the things you want… and thank yourself every step of the moment for being committed to your dreams.

A Quick Summary of the Love Everyday Vision Board Kit

Price: $27.99

What’s included:

  • Printed sheets of images and powerful words

  • Motivational quote cards

  • Foam board

  • Velcro strips to put your vision board on the wall

  • String lights (batteries are not included)

  • Craft materials: Scissors, Glue, sticky dots, push pins, glitter card stock

  • Goal setting workbook (with a beautiful letter to self on the back!)

Organization: This box is not well organized. When I first opened the box, I was confused at what I was looking at and I thought that the items inside the box had shifted in the mail. However, when I looked through other reviews, I saw that other people had the same complaint. It’s only after you’ve removed everything from the box that the usefulness and thought that went into gathering all the materials becomes apparent.

Instructional Guide Included: Yes.

Goal Setting Activities Included: Yes.

Diversity: I did find that there were many different ages, ethnicities and body types represented.

Aesthetic Variation: The affirmation cards had a wide variety of colors and fonts available in all colors of the rainbow. There’s something for everyone and every style.

Completeness: I thought this vision board kit was the most “complete” and versatile of them all. The creator doesn’t assume you have anything and truly does provide all the tools needed to create a traditional vision board at an amazing price.

I recommend the Love Everyday vision board kit if you’re hosting a vision board party and inviting friends over to create vision boards. This kit gives you so much creative options here that up to four vision boards can be created with these materials.

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