8 Simple Free Digital Vision Board Templates (and why you should use one)


Have you ever starred at a blank sheet of paper and wondered “where in the world do I start?” A vision board, which should be a fun and creative task, can turn out to be quite daunting when you’re not sure what you should include on your board and what types of goals to set.

Vision board templates are simple worksheets that outlines the different areas of your life to set goals in so you can create an effective vision board that covers your most important life goals.

In this article, I’m going to discuss what a vision board template is, how to find a good one and a few free digital vision board templates you can use to create your vision board this year.

How do I make a vision board?

My favorite way to create a vision board is to first determined the goals you want to set, then brainstorm what visuals will help inspire you to work towards that goal. Next, find images that match the visuals you wanted from your brainstorm session.

It can be difficult to create a vision board for the first time and have confidence that you’ve set all the goals you wanted to achieve. A template can serve as a guide for what areas of your life to include and what supplemental goals to consider as you’re creating your vision board.

What should a vision board include?

Any good vision board template will include different life areas that you can possibly set goals in, which includes: personal finance, career, education, adventure/self care, health/fitness and spirituality.

You’ll also need to supplement your vision board with visions of how you want to feel and anything you want to own in the process, like a home or dream car.

You can fill your vision board with images, quotes and affirmations. Your visions board template will guide you in creating a balanced vision board that visualizes everything you want to create.

Pros of Using a Vision Board Template

The benefits to using a vision board template are clear. You’ll have guidance on what to put on your vision board. There’s a clear format to how you’ll design your vision board.

Cons of Using a Vision Board Template

Alternatively, the template can also be quite restrictive if it’s not dynamic and personalized to you. For example, your template may have a space for a certain life area that you’re not interested in setting goals in.

I experienced this when I created a vision board using the Vision Board app. The app had specific slots for different life areas and I didn’t want to set those goals. While the template was fixed, the slots were not in alignment with my intentions.

Instead of setting my goals based on the template, I just entered my goals into the fixed goal slots.

Digital Vision Board Templates

If you’ve decided that a vision board template is right for you, these are the templates I love most and highly recommend.

Template #1

Template #2

Template #3

Template #4

Template #5

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